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10:45 |

Early morning family story adam smith had a birthday party the twins be resi dent of the street
Gatot Subroto Jakarta, the room was already assembled fathers mothers and Rara.
Father              :  What do you think Rara?
Rara                 :  (with smiled)
Mother            :  What did the father ask the Rara so he smiling?
Father              :  What is thought by Rara

Some time later their neighbors come (bell house)
Neighbors        :  Adam smith good morning …..
                           What is this, why the situation like this?
Father              :  We want to comme morate the birthday party of our children to 17 years. What whether you need my help?
Neighbors        :  I am looking for my lost dog, I was looking here and there but I have not found it, so I wanted to ask you, whether you have seen my dog?
Suddenly the bell rang …..
Police              :  What’s all his, there is a problem?
What can I help you?
Neighbors        :  This police officer, I was very sad because my dog is lost
Police              :  May I know what color your dog?
Neighbors        :  The nick and the color brown are white in color, height about 120 cm, she is very smart and nimble, because I was very sad loss.

Neighbors finally went home, and suddenly riri came over.
Riri                  :  Hy… brayen uncle, already long here?
Police              :  Just, you look beautiful like rara.
Mothers           :  They are very happy today, because then his friends would come to congrahlate him on two of them (smile)
Police              :  Happy birthday I hope you long life, plus an adult, (shaking hands) then I go to work first, by….

Few moments later my grandfather, grand mather and older brother came home rara and riri,.

Rara & riri       :  Behold, your father, mother (with a father an mother came out to welcome the grandparents come) good morning my grandfather and grand mather.
Grand parents :  Good morning as well cin front of the house), you’re so pretty today, it turns out you both a big, girl now.
Rara & riri       :  Let’s please get grandpa, grandma. (with a grand father and grand mather entered)
Sister               :  No event, what the situation is different ….

Providing food and drink waiters desk (busy providing food, drinks and cakes)
Waiter             :  Please taste the beverage and food grandfather, grand mother and all of them.
All                   :  Okey, thank you…

Bell even rang, Rara and Riri are very pleased to see his friends came.
Rara & riri       :  Hay guys, please enter
Friends            :  Okey, congratulatios to you an rara, riri (hugging and shaking hands with rara and riri)
Mother            :  Let’s start the show
Guest               :  Rara and riri please cut the cake
Rara & riri       :  Well….

Guests who were trying to eat the cake and it has provided all the guests shouted.
Guest               :  Oow… delicious ….


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